Hail and well met, fellow Lumber Lord!Edit

Here ye shall find all the thing one needs to aid you on your adventure as a rising Lumber Lord in the lands of the Tower Trees.

Eternitree Online: Rise of Lumber LordsEdit

Eternitree Online is a massively multiplayer online dungeon based isometric team/solo roguelike role playing game/economic simulator (or MMODBITSRRPGES for short) where players inhabit a character, or Lumber Lord, and venture into the dank, dark of the root or the sun dappled branches to reach The Havens and The Hells and join the Pantheon of Gods.

Based on the 1983 cult classic Japanese text based adventure game Hijō ni Takai ki no Tabi (非常に高い木の旅, lit: Very Tall Tree Journey) and it's various spin offs over the years (none of which are officially canonical due to the uninvolvement of the games originally creator Kazuo Nobu) players are thrust into a fantastic arboreal world were danger lurks around every wooden corner and death has very real consequences.

The game never received an official release in North America but was eventually translated into English by prolific and celebrated modder UdonCrouton. While never garnering any critical attention from western gaming publications, it was reviewed by a Welsh Youtuber named Tomay-Toe-Joe who said "The gameplay is fun, yet repetitive, as if they made a game about hitting someone else's head against a wall. The graphic were pretty good for when it came out but almost two decades of technological advancement has left much to be desired in the visuals department. My big problem is the story, which is so obtuse and impenetrable that it left me pining for the stories my grandfather would tell me of serving in the Second World War scraping barnacles off of dry docked frigates which were Shakespeare by comparison. Unfortunately, this game is mostly story. Two barnacley boats out of five."

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